• Stand Up Paddle Board Expeditions!

The warm clear waters of the Sea of Cortez, with its abundant marine life, make Baja the perfect destination for a SUP adventure.

  • Duration: 4 day
  • Intensity: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Paddling time: 1 - 2 hours sessions.
  • Trip Style: Fully Catered.
  • Season: October-May
  • Minimum age: Age 6
  • Wildlife: Californian Sea-lions, tropical fish, endemic ring-tailed cat (Babisuri), whales (seasonal), dolphins, manta rays, Pelicans, Blue-footed Boobies, Ospreys, Frigates, Herons and Egrets.
  • Includes: Certified, bi-lingual SUP guide(s) & cook(s). SUP "or" Sit on Top Kayak with paddle and PFD, camping equipment, transportation to and from your La Paz hotel to the Island. All food and beverages during expedition including, cold beers, happy hour
  • Does not include: Airport Transfers and flights.
  • Available for rent: Sleeping bags, snorkel sets and wet suits.


The warm clear waters of the Sea of Cortez, with its abundant marine life, make Baja the perfect destination for a SUP adventure. Standing up (instead of sitting down!) gives you further views of the horizon but more importantly you can see so much more easily into the depths below. Instead of the dazzle and refraction that is experienced at kayaker's eye-level we gain the advantage of being able to gaze down with an undistorted view into the underwater world. Baja was aptly dubbed 'the natural aquarium of the world' by famous scientist and conservationist Jacques Cousteau. As you explore the intricate coast of Espiritu Santo Island you will see what he was talking about.

If you thought wind was a factor with kayaking try SUPing! Consequently our trips will be designed to make the most of the prevailing wind. As you gain confidence and improve your balance you will then be ready for the thrill of catching your first few waves! Down winding is the ultimate goal. Your SUP trip will be complimented by Prowler Ocean Kayak sit on tops. In other words for the 'unconverted' we have you covered all the same. A motor boat will support our expedition which adds both safety and comfort to our adventure. Our cooks will take care of all the catering while you focus on exploring the island and having fun. Besides paddle boarding, there will be ample time to snorkel, hike and relax at camp. Also at some point in the trip we will take a boat ride out to the sea lion colony to swim with the playful pups - no trip would be complete without this incredible experience.

Stand Up Paddle Board Expeditions!
  • Day 1: Transfer from your hotel in La Paz to Espiritu Santo Island in BOA's high speed motor boat. You will receive an introduction to the art of stand up paddling and the basics to get you underway. Happy hour will follow as you relax in paradise and dinner is prepared by our expert crew. Camp.
  • Day 2: Your trip continues with a beautiful paddle to our next camp beach. While all the gear is transported by motor boat we will put our SUP skills to the test. There is a sense of purpose and discovery while venturing from one camp site to the next but at the same time our pace is leisurely so we can really indulge in the amazing geology and fascinating marine life. Perhaps we will be rewarded with seeing a turtle or manta ray but certainly we can be assured of seeing many tropical fish.
  • Day 3: From our new beach we are perfectly positioned to explore some off-shore islands where the snorkeling is incredible. Choose between SUP, Sit on Top or Motor Boat to explore this area. Our trip will venture on to our final camp spot.
  • Day 4: This morning you have a choice to relax in camp, snorkel or do some more paddling. Lunch and then transportation back to La Paz by mid afternoon.

Note: As with all our expeditions, BOA's first priority is the safety and comfort of our guests. In the event of inclement weather and/or according to the group's ability the guides may deviate from the above route plan.

Located just 15 miles north of La Paz this beautiful island is celebrated as Mexico's most popular sea-kayaking playground. We access the "Jewel of The Cortez" by motor boat voyaging due north from La Paz and across the San Lorenzo channel in under one hour.

Espiritu Santo was declared part of a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 1995 and is one of several islands that form the Gulf of California Islas' National Park. The archipelago of Espiritu Santo is made up of several smaller islands several of which are important nesting sites for the region's sea birds. When viewed on google maps one can't help but notice the long fjord like bays that are deeply recessed on the west coast that provide us with picture-perfect camping beaches. "Los Islotes" situated off the north coast of the island forms the crowning glory where a magnificent permanent sea-lion colony resides.

We have two types of trips: Fully Catered and Cooperatively Catered.

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